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For Immediate Release!

Reality TV Sidekick (Universal) v1.3
LANSDOWNE, PA, Apr. 14, 2010 - Reality TV Sidekick is proud to be the first (and currently only) Reality TV app specifically built and approved for iPad in Apple's App Store - AND it is still fully compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch.

General Features:
For those of you unfamiliar with this product, Reality TV Sidekick delivers the following features:

  • Contestants, Bios, Comparisons, Eliminations, Polls, Ratings, Rankings, Telephone Voting (iPhone only), Popularity Voting, Image Flow, Discussions, Articles, links to Official web sites, Gossip Sites, Spoiler Sites, Twitter Tweets, Voting Statistics, Google Images and now *VIDEO*.
Featured Shows:
Reality TV Sidekick uniquely quantifies and encapsulates both past and current seasons of each of the following shows:
  • American Idol, America's Got Talent, America's Next Top Model, Dancing With The Stars, More To Love, So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor and The Bachelor (with The Amazing Race, The Bachelorette and others coming soon).

NEW for iPad:
Reality TV Sidekick v1.3 takes full advantage of the iPad's new Split-View screen technology and Popover sub-view technology to upgrade it's user interface into a more streamlined experience and enhances it's existing menu technology to provide quicker navigation amongst it's multiple sub-applications (Shows, Casts, Voting, Web Surfing, Fun Stuff, More). Reality TV Sidekick features 22 distinct integrated sub-features; 11 for each cast member and 11 for each season of each show, including it's new Search Based Browsing and Video linking features. Multiplied by 15 distinct seasons worth of data (so far) and combined with it's Phone Voting, Gossip and Spoiler site linking, Twitter tracking and other ad hoc features, Reality TV Sidekick offers over 330 continuously updating points of Reality TV interaction.

VIDEO - New for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch:
Perhaps the most significant upgrade of all is Reality TV Sidekick v1.3's new video playback feature which links the user to videos of their favorite Season or Cast Member via YouTube.com (which represents a LOT of available video) - presorted for each Season or Contestant.

** More iPad enhancements:

  • * Redesigned on every screen for iPad.
  • * Works as a *native* iPad app!
  • * Fully multi-orientation compatible (with Split View!)
  • * Bigger Screens with more presentation, more information!
  • * Multi-level menu navigation enhancements
  • * Google and YouTube web extensions added for each Show/Season
  • * Google and YouTube web extensions added for each cast member.
  • * Polls (by Cast) added to Cast interactivity options (11 total)
  • * Enhanced navigation for Cast to Cast browsing
  • * Cast list filtering by cast type and gender (iPad Only)

** iPhone, iPod Touch enhancements:

  • * Most new iPad functions also upgraded for iPhone/iPod Touch
  • * Total redesign of individual Cast Bio pages
  • * SWIPE added to move between cast bio pages!
  • * Faster load times
  • * Switches "View Rankings" from web based to local native display
  • * Bio pages update automatically after Votes/Ratings submitted

Enhanced Breadth of Information and Functionality:
Keeping true to it's mission as the ultimate Reality TV multi-function reference solution (and despite it's affiliation with sibling website RealtyTVMatrix.com), Reality TV Sidekick includes links to the internet's top 21 Gossip sites, 8 of the leading Spoiler sites and context sensitve links to Cast members and Seasons on Google.com (for search and images) AND YouTube.com (for videos).

Ongoing Imagination:
What lies ahead for Reality TV Sidekick is open to the imagination.What lies behind is a continuous list of upgrades dating back to it's original January 6th iPhone launch date and culminating in this newest upgrade for Apple's iPad. As the upgrades continue, we look forward to Reality TV Sidekick being the deFacto standard and the "standards bearer" for Reality TV apps on the Apple iPad.

User Recommendation:
If you are a Reality TV fan and one of your shows is in Reality TV Sidekick's current list of featured shows, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you try this product and add your distinctive ratings and opinions to ours and others!

Have fun!


Edward Ganges

Reality TV Sidekick (Universal)
Version 1.3 (a.k.a v2.0)

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